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YOURmeds MAR for the Pharmacy

YOURmeds MAR is an intuitive labelling and charting solution with a built-in reordering function. It generates a unique suite of labels and charts with photo recognition and colour coded time passes to ensure improved recording and compliance.

Unparalleled benefits to your pharmacy include;

  • Our online reordering system has been designed to strengthen patients, pharmacy and care providers relationships. This will help grow your business by promoting loyalty and safeguarding custom
  • A simple 5-click redispense greatly speeds up workflow within your pharmacy enabling you to increase capacity whilst maintaining consistently high standards
  • Competitive advantages and distinctive services that maximise patient and families experiences, linking all the stakeholders to improve safety, wellbeing and outcomes

YOURmeds MAR dispensing solution supports our YOURmeds smart medication pack, giving you the opportunity to become a YOURmeds Partner Pharmacy. Patients nominate a local YOURmeds Partner Pharmacy to support their care plan – for more information please go to

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YOURmeds MAR in the Care Setting

Would you like to improve or maintain your CQC rating? Stronger Medication Policies are an integral part of a CQC inspection and include accurate record keeping, administration and safety. YOURmeds MAR is the market leading software for Care – it is the premium patient labelling and record keeping service. Over 80% of Care Providers using it are rated Good or Better by CQC (October 2017).

Benefits and functionality for your care setting;

  • Increased accuracy in medication recording
  • Photo recognition of patients
  • Colour photo of actual medication – minimising errors
  • Round time colour recognition throughout
  • Adaptable solution – caters for weekly, short cycles and creams
  • Secure and easy online reordering
  • Colour coded charts – reducing errors
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Medication Made Easy

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Labels & Charts

YOURmeds MAR dynamically generates a unique and extensive suite of user-friendly labels, charts and reports.

Each report clearly identifies the service user, drug, dose and the time by photo and colour coded time passes.

These include but are not limited to;

  • Consolidated medication labels
  • Patient Medication Profiles
  • Community & LTC MAR Charts
  • PRN & Separate Cream MAR Charts
  • Short Course MAR Charts & Labels
  • Warfarin & Digoxin Charts
  • Insulin & Blood Sugar Chart
  • Cardex Options
  • Extensive Range of Labelling Options

You can also request a custom built report, chart or label (price on application).

YOURmeds is compatible with any patient packaging you might use.

Using YOURmeds MAR within your pharmacy will allow you to gain new and retain existing clients giving your pharmacy an unparalleled competitive advantage within your area.

Pricing for Pharmacies

Free for Care Providers



YOURmeds Ready

Up to 100 patients/pm

Single Site Licence

*Requires 1 box of std YOURmeds cards



YOURmeds Ready

Up to 200 patients/pm

Ideal for growing and ambitious pharmacies

Single Site Licence

Cardex Module Optional



YOURmeds Ready

Over 200 patients/pm

Perfect for LTC, internet, large and multi-location pharmacies

Multi Site Licence

Cardex Included

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